I kill plants. I don’t intend to, but they just don’t demand enough of my attention to actually care for them. I realize that sounds awful. And I’m unapologetic about it. I forget to water them; I over water them. I don’t give them plant food. I don’t move them with the seasonal light. I … Read more


It is a victory. A small house, a cottage with bluish-green or greenish-blue paint rests on a corner in my town. It belonged to someone else and someone else before that, but now it belongs to me. The wood floors are warm, the plaster walls are solid. The windows open to let birdsong and breeze … Read more

20 Years

I’m not a terribly nostalgic person. I’m the last person who would choose to watch a tear-jerker as I find them manipulative. I don’t feel the need to hold on to remnants of my childhood or mementos of lives I’m no longer living. But my 20th wedding anniversary would have been next Wednesday. The tense … Read more