A Hair-Raising Tale

This anecdote illustrates what happens when I’ve been on vacation too long. I tried and experiment on my hair last night. Nothing permanent or deliberately outrageous. I was inspired by Mrs. Maisel from “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” to set my hair before going to bed. Yes, like an old lady. My hair is currently in … Read more

Life Story

“I used to dream of being a princess,” my grandmother exhaled. I looked up from my book. “Grandmother! You’re awake!” She smiled gently and patted the ever-widening space on the bed next to her thigh. I tucked my bookmark into my spot, set the book on the uncomfortable chair, and gently lowered myself onto her … Read more


I kill plants. I don’t intend to, but they just don’t demand enough of my attention to actually care for them. I realize that sounds awful. And I’m unapologetic about it. I forget to water them; I over water them. I don’t give them plant food. I don’t move them with the seasonal light. I … Read more


I leaned back, my forearms resting on the lumpy picnic table as Josie peeled an orange, liberating its bright fragrance from the rind with her dirty fingernails. “Your parents are really making you move, huh?” I squinted across the park to her house with its “Sold” sign screaming in the lawn. “Yeah.” She pried apart … Read more