A Hair-Raising Tale

This anecdote illustrates what happens when I’ve been on vacation too long.

I tried and experiment on my hair last night. Nothing permanent or deliberately outrageous.

I was inspired by Mrs. Maisel from “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” to set my hair before going to bed. Yes, like an old lady. My hair is currently in nowhere-land – not short, not really a bob, and not long enough to do anything with. Plus, I have a lot of hair and it gets heavy, so it generally hangs quite boringly next to my face all day.

I thought, “Well, let’s give it a shot!”

I expected tousled waves when I released the foam rollers this morning.

Instead, I got the original Little Orphan Annie. I laughed so hard. I’m still laughing. Thank goodness I did not need to leave the house. I was aiming for Mrs. Maisel, but ended up with the hairdo that Prince Phillip hated on Queen Elizabeth on “The Crown.”

I suppose I could have put it under a bonnet, a la Offred from “The Handmaid’s Tale,” but even though it is double-digits below zero here in Iowa, I hate wearing hats. Who knows, though, looking in my “Black Mirror,” it may seem far less awful than I thought.

In any case, it is obvious to me that the moment I begin comparing my hair to the hairstyles of TV characters from shows I’ve binge-watched over the last two weeks, I should probably head back to work.

7 thoughts on “A Hair-Raising Tale

  1. OMG. Those foam rollers DO crazy shit to my hair, too. I think we’ve been binge watching the same shows. That latest season of “Black Mirror” might have damaged my brain. It was so dark. I liked how conversational this was and relatable, too.
    lisa recently posted…The Not So Silent NightMy Profile

  2. My hair eats foam rollers… and combs, so I’m living these hairstyles vicariously through you. Please continue to experiment so I can experience it second-hand! I liked how you hinged the hairstyles on shows you’ve binge-watched. Also Prince Phillip is a terrible human being, and you shouldn’t take into account his taste on anything.

  3. Although it didn’t work out, I’m glad that you tried something new during your time off. And double digits below zero? OMG. It’s been cold in NY, but we haven’t hit that yet. Thank you for sharing your anecdote!
    Jolan recently posted…The Animal KingdomMy Profile

  4. I have the same nowhere-land in-between length hair. Thanks for the cautionary tale about foam rollers. (Note to self.) At least it’s not permanent!

    I like the conversational tone of this piece – it makes me feel like we’re girlfriends chatting about it over coffee.
    MM Schreier recently posted…Opening NightMy Profile

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